***Little PINE is closing 7/31/21 for restructuring. Inquiry processing and other operations are currently unavailable.***

Little PINE (P.eace I.n N.ature E.ducation) is a day program for toddlers, with Montessori-certified and experienced guides. This small operation immerses the child in a cozy home atmosphere and unique outdoor classroom.

Little PINE’s Peaceful Balance

The Prepared Environment

The indoor & outdoor areas of our school grounds were custom-built to provide a nature-focused experience with woods and creek access. The peaceful and cozy setting feels like a home away from home. Combined with our materials (real, natural, didactic), your child’s freedom to grow and explore, independently, is ensured.

Nurturing The Whole Child

Our approach focuses on nurturing a child’s innate desire to learn and establish real-life experiences. Providing child-led opportunities that fully engage their senses, body, and brain allows children to cultivate their unique curiosities. Embracing peace education empowers children in their communities (both small and large) while comforting their spirit. Not only is there support for the mastery of skills and independence, but to establish the ground work for respectful and joyous humans that love learning.

The Role Of The Teacher

Rather than condition children with generalized instruction, we guide their freedom and hands-on explorations. With our experience, training, and careful observation, the developmental planes and sensitive periods that children learn through can be identified. This enables us to create coordinating approaches and materials for each individual child. With respect, flexible consistency, and compassion, we ensure a sense of security and stability.

Your child, their future…

***Little PINE is closing enrollment for restructuring. Inquiry processing and other operations are currently unavailable.***